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Single Pack Strings

Single Pack Strings
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Technifibre - 18-gauge string gives you superior feel of the ball.

Ashaway SuperNick - Excellent, lightweight string, best grip on the ball.

Ashaway PowerNick - This one is for cronic string breakers. It is resilient, with great bite. Super value.

Ashaway SuperNick XL Ti - Multifilament core with double braided jacket. Titanium compound added to nylon resin wear layer to enhance string wear and power.

Ashaway PowerNick 18 - Constructed from several high-tech fibers that are arranged in a unique matrix to provide optimum performance and durability. Recommended for players who wants to maximize power in their game.
Please note, this string must be strung at 10-20% less tension than nylon strings.

Prince Destroyer - A value-oriented squash string with good durability and resilience.

Wilson Sensation Strike - Rough, texured surface adds more bite, touch and control.

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