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POWER CUSHION eases the shock when landing (the power of shock absorption)
POWER CUSHION transfers shock into energy (the power of rebound)
POWER CUSHION generates more kick (comp the power of compression & repulsion)

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  • Tough Brid - A midsole material whose molecules are arranged in a more stable alignment which provides greater elasticity and shape rentetion. As a result, the shoe continues to provide a high level of cushioning performance for longer, even under the stresses of fat, high-impac footwork. Badminton players can now enjoy maximum comfort on court, and reduce physical fatigue to achieve superior footwork.
  • Power Cushion (3 Layers) - The hard top and bottom layers absorb 30% more shock than the original Power Cushiona nd 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy. The soft middle layer quickly returns to its original shape after receiving a shock load, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.
  • Hyper msLite - Hyper msLite is a further 10% lighter than the original high-performance midsole and provides greater durability and comfort. It also encourages significantly lighter footwork during play.
  • Tough Guard III - 3 times stronger than ordinary synthetic leather.In addition to high strength,it has excellent resistance to heat for added long-wearing performance.
  • Power Cushion Insole FG - These grips prevent the foot slipping inside the shoe, establishing landing and reducing power loss during attack, which, in turn helps spring a player into their movement. Power Cushion Insole gives the feet more support inside the shoe so that lateral movement will not diminish power.
  • Round Sole - The Yonex Round Sole provide a feeling of natural comfort underfoot while maximizing the transfer of body energy into movements around the court. Positioned at the side and heel to prevent landing on a 'un-even' edge, the Round Sole provides what top players look for in badminton shoes - design features that support quick and smooth footwork.
  • Power Graphite Light - The 3D Graphite Sheet sole plate provides high stability and it cushions impact on landing.
  • Ergoshape - The Ergoshape's scientific contouring provides comfort and stability for the forefoot and toes.
  • Anti-twist System - The Yonex Anti-twist System around the heel adds rigidity that helps maintain the function and shape of the heel to prevent injury to the ankle.
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