Saxon Shoes

Saxon Shoes
Saxon shoes are Developed and Designed in Germany. They are made specifically for Indoor Racquet Sports.
All sports have different actions and movementís and Indoor racquet sports with the short court distances are very unique.
The most common way players stop and decelerate efficiently on court is by performing a lunge.
Given the speed at which Indoor Court Racquet Sports are played at today means the ability to decelerate and change direction is crucial,
i.e. stopping when
* Moving towards the rear wall.
* Moving sideways across the court.
* Moving towards the front wall.

Research has identified that the highest moment of maximum force when playing Squash, Racquetball or Badminton coincides with the moment you play your shot. Therefore, you need shoes with the best grip, control and support at this crucial moment. Saxon shoes are designed specifically to do just that.

SX900 are David Palmer's, two-time World and four times British Open Squash Champion, choice of shoes for training and play.

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