Wilson Fierce BLX Squash Racquet, no cover

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Perfect racquet for player with dynamic, attacking style of play. As expected from the racquet of Dunlop Evolution mold the play-ability is superb. We were not surprised when we found an outstanding control and feel without sacrificing power. Head-light weighing definitely makes this Wilson choice shot maker's squash racquet. We love Wilson's octagonal handle, as it helped us precisely define the racquet head angle to the ball. 

A unique design allows the Fierce BLX to give its owner ample power, feel and control with a user-friendly, lighter weight. Sets the new standard for the next generation of power players.

  • WEIGHT: 133 grams
  • BALANCED: Evenly, 353 mm
  • HEADSIZE: 487 sq.cm. / 75.5 sq.in.
  • RECOMMENDED: Intermediate / Advanced player