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O3 BLACK is one the most outstanding squash racquets from Prince. Used and coveted by multitude of players, including by John White, former World #1.
The ideal racquet for players who are looking for a powerful and balanced frame. Designed in conjunction with touring professionals - the O3 black delivers a 54% bigger sweet spot than a conventional squash racquet. The ideal racquet to provide unparalleled performance and shot-for-shot consistency.
  • Composition: Titanium/Carbon/Tungsten
  • Weight: 138 Grams
  • Headsize: 73 / 470
  • Cross Section: 17-18-22.5 mm
  • Balanced: to head, 375 mm
  • String: Prince Lightning Squash 17G
  • Grip: MicroZorb Indoor
Prince O3 Black Squash Racket features:
  • GREATER STABILITY - O3 engineered racquets are created through a one step fusion process that utilizes the strongest structure known to man, the Arch, creating the frameís O-Ports. These O-Ports stabilize the racquet giving you more control on off-center shots.
  • O PORTS - By replacing traditional pin-sized string holes with revolutionary giant O-Ports, a super aerodynamic frame has been created with a more responsive stringbed. This increases the sweet spot by 54%, creating a Sweet Zone, which means you hit your best shots ĀEmore often. Whatís truly impressive is that the Prince engineers are able to do this all without enlarging the racquet head, increasing its length, or adding weight!
  • FASTER SWING SPEEDS - O-Ports reduce aerodynamic drag, producing a faster swing speed, enabling players to reach more balls and win more points, more often. A faster swing speed means increased power and maximum maneuverability.
  • TRIPLE THREAT - TUNGSTEN - Triple Threat with Tungsten places titanium, copper, carbon and tungsten in three critical racquet locations: 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock and at the bottom of the handle. A phenomenally stable racquet design is created, with a huge sweet spot for more power and precision than ever.

Our test results: Greatness rebourne! Prince O3 Black squash racket is once again produced by Prince, due to its legendary playability. The O3 Black feels very well balanced, with perfect mix of power and control. Maneuverability was not sacrificed by making the racquet a little more evenly balanced, it still has that fantastic O3 feel. Surprisingly, factory string played very well, Prince certainly got the tension right. Great stick!
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