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Prince Power Ring Tech Ti Squash Racquet

Prince Power Ring Tech Ti Squash Racquet
Item# 7S0090050
SRP: $140.00
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Our Test Results:
It was great to re-visit this Power Ring Racquet, I felt it is an improvement over the older, thicker cross section Power Rings. The racquet felt much livelier, providing a great feel for the ball.
This racquet is balanced more toward the head - volley was slower than Power Ring Tour Ti, power off the ground was very good, as you would expect from the Power Ring. With the factory stringing control was excellent.
Great racquet, very durable.

COMPOSITION: GraphiteExtreme/Titanium Braid

WEIGHT: 165 Grams

HEAD SIZE: 470 cm / 73 in

BALANCE: 35 cm, head heavy

CROSS SECTION: 18-16mm Constant Taper System

STRING: Synthetic Gut 17g

GRIP: DuraZorb

FLEX: Stiff

  • PowerWeb-Racquet technology offers more control and power, and increases responsiveness
  • WallBeater Bumper- Reduces frame shock and breakage
  • Multi Barrel Grommet- Patented technology of combining two string holes in one grommet which eliminates drilled holes for improved frame strength
  • Titanium Braid- Titanium reinforced carbon fiber braid placed in the upper corners of the racquet frame to provide improved strength and stiffness

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