With FREE bag option - Prince O3 Speedport Red Squash Racquet, no cover
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For a limited time, purchase 3 rackets and get FREE Prince Tour Team 12-racket Bag, $69.95 value, OR a $40 discount on three rackets set. Prince 12-rackets bag
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3 rackets set option with $40 discount OR FREE Tour Team 12-racket Bag, $69.95 value:  Grip upgrade: 
  • Weight: 130 Grams
  • Headsize: 73 sq.in. / 470 sq.cm.
  • Cross Section: 17-18-22.5 mm
  • Balanced: to head, 374 mm
  • String: Super Syn Gut 17
  • Grip: CUSTOMIZED to customer specifications

Prince O3 Speedport Red Squash Racket features:
  • SPEED - Wind tunnel testing proves O3 Speedport racquets move through the air up to 24% faster than traditional racquets. So you can hit your best shots. More often. Even faster.
  • SWEET SPOT - Laboratory testing proves that Speedports strengthen and stabilize the frame for up to a 59% bigger sweet spot, creating a sweetzone.
  • GREATER STABILITY - O3 engineered racquets are created through a one step fusion process that utilizes the strongest structure known to man, the Arch, creating the frame's O-Ports. These O-Ports stabilize the racquet giving you more control on off-center shots.
Our Test Results:
Outstanding racquet: great power, very stiff for good control. Excellent touch. Durability is very good.
We highly recommend this one for players of all levels. Truly, one of the best playing racquets of all time.
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