Karakal Tribal Ti 140 Squash Racquet
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The frame has the inner 'Muscle System' which dramatically improves the control and power in the frame making even off centre hits feel like the middle of the sweet spot. All frames have our 'Muscle Tec' string system. The Tribal Ti-140 has an 'Internal Vibration Dampner' bonded into the frame to reduce vibration.
Key Features:
•140 Grams Frame Weight
•Superlight Nano Titanium Gel
•Integral Vibration Dampner
•Inner & Outer Muscle System
•Muscle Tec Stringing
•Groove Power System
•'A' Power Mono-shaft
•One Piece Construction
•Midplus Head - 480 sq cm
•Full Racket Cover
Our Test Results: Karakal Tribal Ti 140 squash racket replaced Karakal MX-140 of the past seasons, and is the middle of the weight range for Karakal Tribal (former MX) series squash rackets. All Tribal series Karakal squash rackets have teardrop head shape, for longer string bed. Karakal Tribal Ti 140 is balanced toward the head, and it we felt the weight was right at the tip of the racquet. That translated into more power, and would probably improve durability of the Tribal Ti 140 at the tip. We did feel some feedback wich was eliminated with the rubber band on the lower part of the strings. Karakal Tribal Ti 140 Squash Racquet is more of a power racket, than a touch racquet, although control was acceptable. Factory multifilament strings were good, they are approaching Ashaway Supernick Ti in quality.
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