Eye Rackets X.Lite 130 CONTROL Squash Racquet
Item# 201601005
Ideal to gain more momentum through the shot with a full swing.
A classic weight of stroke racket.
SRP: $179.00
Powerhouse. One week only: $99.99
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 130 g (unstrung)
Head size: 490 cm2
Balance: Even, 363mm
String: EyeRackets Multifilament String
Shape: Closed-throat
String pattern: CONTROL
Flexibility: Touch

The slightly over-sized frame provides a generous sweet-spot whilst allowing for excellent control and touch. This racket is balanced a bit more to the handle for maneuverability. This will suit a player that likes to mix in volley with solid power from the back of the court.
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