Squash Rackets Demo Program

Demo prime squash rackets here

We do offer professional advice on racquets, but we understand that sometimes there is no substitute for trying the racquet out.
That is why we would like to offer you a chance to try some of the premium racquets we sell.
Here is how our squash rackets demo program works.
Squash racquet demo program is offered for continental US only.
You can demo up to 4 rackets at a time.
The cost of using demo program is $29.95.
Also, we charge for round trip shipping, handling and insurance. This charge will be $10 for one racquet, $18 for 2 racquets, $25 for 3 racquets, and $30 for 4 racquets.
If you purchase the racquet you tried within 2 weeks of demo due date we will credit $29.95 back to the card you used to purchase demos.

Customer wants to demo 2 rackets. The initial charge will be $47.95. After doing demo, customer decides to buy the rackets that is offered at $129.95. Customer will pay $129.95, and we will credit $29.95 to the card to order demos.

It will take 2-8 days to receive the demos from SquashGear.

You can keep the demos for 7 days from the day you receive them. For example, if you received demo package on Monday, ship it back to us next Monday.

Since other player may be waiting to demo these racquets, it is important that the demos are returned to us on time.
The late fee is $2.50 per racquet, per day.
If you keep the demos more than 14 days we will charge your credit card for the full price of the racquets.
Use a pre-printed UPS or USPS label included in the box and re-use packaging demo arrived in.
Take the package to any UPS store or drop it at Postal Office. Click here to find your nearest staffed UPS station or click here
to locate the Post Office closest to you.
You won't be charged any additional fees when you return the demos to UPS or USPS using included return label.
Demo prime squash rackets here SQDEMO

1st Demo Racket

2nd Demo Racket

3rd Demo Racket

4th Demo Racket

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