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Custom Stringing

Item# CST

Type of string

Stringing tension


Custom stringing can greatly enhance any racquet performance.

Unfortunately, not all manufactures string their racquets using a right string and a correct tension.

We highly recommend custom stringing for some of the racquets we sell. Please note our recommendations for each induvidual racquet.
Custom stringing takes one extra business day.
The tension used is optimal for soft ball play, unless specified otherwise .
Please email our pros at Call 1-800-303-6434 to place an order if you have questions about custom stringing.

Please note that due to the nature of custom stringing we do NOT better prices for it.

The cost of labor is just $14.99.
String cost varies.
For example, stringing with Ashaway SuperNick XL will cost $22.74 ($14.99 labor plus $7.75 for the string itself).

Technifibre - 18-gauge string gives you superior feel of the ball.

Ashaway SuperNick - Excellent, lightweight string, best grip on the ball.

Ashaway PowerNick - This one is for cronic string breakers. It is resilient, with great bite. Super value.

Technifibre 305 18g and 17g - A performance-oriented squash string with good durability and resilience. Closest playability to natural gut, but with superior durability.

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